About me . . .

I’d like to share some thoughts and ideas with you, that may help you understand what I do and what it takes to create a custom vintage sign.
You may have an idea of an old sign you’ve seen somewhere or possibly a place you remember from your past.
Remember one summer, stopping by the little corner store on a warm day and pulling a cold bottle of soda from the icy water in the cooler…How about that picnic spot the family always went to in the fall & brought home a box of apples…maybe the camping trip by the lake, way up in the mountains. What was the name of that place?
You see what I mean? It’s easy to recall a fond memory of times gone by when life seemed a little simpler.
Well, that’s where I come in. I’d like to paint a vintage sign, made just for you. You can hang it in your family room, the kitchen, workshop or anywhere you’d like some interesting wall décor. Let your imagination go…that’s the beauty of it. Since all I do are custom vintage signs, its made to your specifications. Just let me know the size, general colors and the wording you’d like. I make up the sign usually using reclaimed or recycled materials, paint and letter it and give it that custom weathered look like it had been on display for many years. Please keep in mind each sign is individually custom made and hand lettered. Nothing is mass produced, your sign is a “one of a kind” creation just for you!
If I’ve sparked your interest, please view the galleries of some signs I’ve produced. You may use any of the signs to help give you an idea or two.

Hope to talk to you soon………..Tom


    Each sign is custom made and unique so prices on each sign will differ.

    My costs are determined by the size and complexity of each sign. I've shipped all over the country, usually with Fedex Ground. I've also shipped large signs by freight companies.

    My sign prices start in the $75.00 range, plus shipping. I'd be happy to give you an estimate, or course with no obligation.

How Can I Help?

    Please don't hestitate to e-mail or call me with any questions you may have. I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'll do my best to make this an easy going experience. No hard sell, I promise.

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